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 The art of screen printing is created when an image is "burned" into the coated mesh of a screen leaving the mesh in the area to be printed open so ink can pass through. The ink is pushed through the screen with a squeegee and pressure causing the ink to touch the garment and leaving that color of the image applied to the apparel. Images with multiple colors require a screen for each color applied to create the multicolored image or design. Between each color application the ink must be cured. We at Nola Urban Graphics specialize in Plastisol ink printing. Plastisol requires the temperature of 300-330 degrees to cure. Plastisol is extremely opaque and retains a bright image.

 Have a logo or design, or need a custom logo or design made? Contact us and send us your ideas and we will create an amazing design to fit your needs. If you have an existing design you would like us to print just simply send it to us! Search our Apparel page and let us know the brand and style # you choose, the sizes and quantity you need along with one of the Union colors provided below and we will get you a quote on your order.


      **color matching is available for an addition mixing fee

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